For VAT purposes, indirect e-commerce transactions are similar to mail order sales and, therefore, are not subject to the obligation to issue an invoice. (if not requested by the customer no later than the time of operation), as required by Article 22 of Presidential Decree 633 of 1972, nor to the obligation of certification by issuing the receipt or receipt in accordance with Article 2 , letter oo), of the dPR December 21, 1996, No. 696. The customer who intends to request an invoice or receipt must do so at the time of purchase of the asset or otherwise the same day.The requested tax document will be sent by email to e-mail address provided by the customer or, in the absence, to the e-mail address of the paypal account. For amounts over 75 euro the invoice will be delivered in paper format.


The list of compatibility is provided as a courtesy and aid and is not intended as absolute. Compatibility is in fact often taken from internet sources that are not always 100% reliable. The technical characteristics of all items for sale are taken from the manufacturer or extracted directly from the object for sale. Always check the photos and part numbers of the objects on sale to be sure of compatibility.


The consumer enjoys the legal guarantee of conformity for all new objects. No warranty is provided for items not specified as 'New'. These objects are in fact sold with a formula seen and liked. This means that, where indicated as working, it is guaranteed only the first operation and not responsible for the deterioration of the function in time.